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Our dedicated team is here to guide parents through the complexities of the industry.

We understand the demands, deadlines and difficult choices which face casting directors, advertising agencies and production companies.  Attention to detail and a quick response is crucial in this fast-paced business and our agents are experienced professionals who are proficient at matching the right actor with the most suitable castings.

With so many talented young performers both attending our drama academies and in the surrounding areas it is a natural development for us to help and nurture that talent.

Ariel Drama Academy students who we feel are ready to take the next step professionally will be chosen to audition for Ariel Agency. 

We do also accept applications for non Ariel Drama Academy students upon auditions.

We are currently interested in representing clients aged 5 to 25 years old.

There is no fee to join the Ariel Agency, however in order to be sent for auditions we must have professional head shots of each client, which must be updated annually. 

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